Vlad Boyko is a freelance graphic designer and art director.

In his works he's spiraling around the topics of magic and emotions in graphic design, pushing the boundaries of a canonical creative approach. He collaborates with artists, festivals, brands and cultural institutions to create emotional, fresh and somewhat surprising visual solutions. In August 2023 he founded Processed World – an experience exchange platform
which provides talks, workshops and objects and builds a community by
initiating various collaborative experience. In other words it’s an attempt to create an alternative approach to design education based on non-authority-based collaborative approach.
Cooperation with Leftkiss has produced a first collaborative drop of Processed
clothes, which is lurking around the topics of romanticisation of digital
labour and the intention to “process” the outside world and being open to all
the potential experiences it reveals.
All the profits from this drop will be converted in the humanitarian aid for
Ukraine to help withstand a russian aggression.